Tunnel & Shaft Projects

1983- Mattuchio Construction participates in its first shaft and tunnel project. The job was done for Kiewit construction, and consisted of the demolition of vent shafts on the MBTA orange line at Boston City Hall Plaza.

1985-Working for Kiewit construction Mattuchio drove two soft ground tunnels for MBTA red line platform extension at Park street station. The work also included demolition of existing tunnel.


1987-This project was completed for Daniel O’Connell and Sons and consisted in the creation of two sewer interceptor chambers. Work included demolition of existing trench and excavation of a new narrow deep trench excavation. This project marked the beginning of the Boston Harbor clean-up project.


1988-Mattuchio construction completed excavation of a vent shaft for the MBTA under contract to J.F. White.


1989-Working for Modern Continental and S.A. Healey joint venture, Mattuchio Construction completed the excavation of a 240’ deep by 20’ diameter shaft, along with fifty feet of starter tunnel.

1990-Working again for Daniel O’ Connell and Sons, Mattuchio Construction excavated the base of a hydroelectric Plant in Northfield, MA. Excavation was at depths of up to 1000’.


1992- Working for the National Transportation Safety Bureau, Mattuchio Construction completed the removal of an existing roof on top of a fourteen story building in Cambridge, MA.


1994-1995-Working for Kajima/Marra/Majestic joint venture, Mattuchio Construction excavated two 16’ diameters by 180’ deep shafts, as well as 300’ of starter tunnel.  The job was completed for the Army Corp of Engineers for the Quincy flood relief project.

1996-1999- Working for Shea/Traylor/Healy joint venture, Mattuchio construction excavated a 450’ deep by 32’ diameter shaft. Against industry standards the shaft was excavated in an astonishing four months and two weeks. A second shaft was excavated on the same project at a depth of 240’ by 26’ in diameter. A heading tunnel of 250’ long by 20’ in diameter was also constructed, and a tail tunnel of 50’ long by 20’ in diameter was constructed.  The project was done in order to carry water from the Quabbin reservoir to metro Boston.


1999-2000- Working for Modern Continental on the Chelsea river crossing project, Mattuchio Construction excavated two soft ground shafts at 120’ deep by 24’ in diameter.


2000- Working for Modern Continental on the MWRA sewerage transfer tunnel, Mattuchio construction excavated an egg-shaped shaft at 240’ deep by 30’ in diameter.


2001-2002-Working for J.F. Shea on a seven acre site, Mattuchio construction did most of the major site work on this project. The work included: site setup, installation of a sound barrier, installation of an approach ramp, portal entrance for a three mile tunnel and assembly and launch of the Tunnel boring machine used on the project.


2006-2009- Working for J.F. Shea on the Fall River flood relief project, Mattuchio construction mined five 130’ deep by 14’ diameter  shafts, as well as various adits at different locations and lengths. The longest adit being 500’ long by 10’ in diameter.