Our Staff



Summary of  Qualifications

Lorna Mattuchio has been with Mattuchio Constuction  for over 21 years. Starting as a union labored she worked her way through the ranks to management in 2012.  Since Ms Mattuchio took over day to day operations, Mr, Mattuchio has been able to focus all his energy on operations, resulting in the continued success of our company.



Summary of Qualifications

Mattuchio Construction Company is an industry innovator that provides high quality construction services for the fast paced construction industry.  At its inception, Mattuchio Construction’s business model was unique to the industry.  Mattuchio’s business model one-of-a-kind business model focused on offering construction equipment rentals with highly qualified operators.  Unlike most rental companies that only offered equipments without an operator, we provide the industry with the complete package of equipment and qualified operators.  After years of operating under the this business model, the quality of Mattuchio Consrtruction’s work and reputation let our clients making requests for Mattuchio Equipment Rental to perform complete construction services. Thus spawning Mattuchio Construction Co., Inc. Mattuchio Construction provides the best value to our clients by providing service in the planning phase of the project with technical advice as well as budgetary estimates. Mattuchio Construction has an in house staff of engineers as well as construction expertise with the combined experience of hiughly skilled superintendents, engineers and skilled craftsman that deliver desgin, bid, build and desgin build construction projects on budget and schedule. Mattuchio Construction is committed to supporting and executing the plan, budgetary, scheduling, engineering, and construction needs of our clients.

Work Experience

Tom Mattuchio has been the driving force behind the success of Mattuchio Construction since the firms inception in 1983. Tom is a leading construction expert in shaft excavation, tunneling, and utility construction. He is a leading voice in the construction industry with his advocacy of collaboration as it is pertains to construction projects. Tom has 35 years in the construction industry, which has created a comprehensive knowledge of the process of moving projects towards successful completion.